We carry a variety of Annual flowers but for the most up-to-date list please give us a call at 416-762-9644

The general prices of annual flowers:

Cell packages, $1.89 each or $19.99 for 12

4 inch round, $3.69 each and %10 off for 10 or more

6 inch round, $7.99

       Sun                                                                                                  Shade        

Ageratum Begonia Bronze Leaf
Allium Begonia Green Leaf
Angelonia Begonia Green Leaf
Asparagus Fern Begonia/ illumination
Aster Begonia Non Stops mocca
Aylissum Begonia Non Stops Green
Azalea Begonia Dragon Wings
Bacopa Begonia Baby Wings
Bidens Begonia  Rex
Bouganvillea Begonia Woppers
Browalia Begonia Illumanations
Calibrachoa Begonia Waterfall
Campanula Begonia
Canna Lily
Celosia Cloeus
Cleome Coleus/ sun
Daisy Fuchsia Trialing
Dalhia Fuchsia Upright
Dianthus Fuchsia Munster
Dusty Miller Fuchsia Cigare
Enphorbia Fuchsia
Gazinia Impateints
Geranium Ivy impatents/ doubled
Geranium Spider Impatiants
Geranium Zonel Impatiants Double
Goldfish Impatiants Sunshine
Heliotrope impatients (trailing)
Iresine Lamium
Lantana Purple heart
Lobelia (trailing)
Lobelia (upright)
Love Lies Bleeding
Marigold/ French
Marigolds  MD 6″-12″
Marigolds SM 6″ <
Marigolds Tall 12″>
Martha Washinton
Moon Flower
Morning Glory
Ornam. Kale/Cabbage

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